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Poetry: Recent
My World

I live in a world
Of make believe
Where everything I've
Heard, said, and seen
All fall apart
And the truth reveals itself

I live in a world
Where the mistakes I've made
All come together
And erase the dreams I've made
Crumbling false hopes
Adding to my heartache

My Life

I blink the tears back
From my eyes
And finally
I realize
How stupid I was
To believe in love
And think that it was for me

I've felt the breaking
Of my heart
Each and every
Time I start
To think that I
Could ever find
Someone to call my own

As I remember my life
I feel no pain
Everything I've done
It's all the same
I laugh, I cry
I wonder why
Alone, I'll live my life

The names may change
But the answers the same
I laugh on the outside
But the pains still the same
So I sit and wait
In a world of hate
With only myself to blame

I'm getting good at hiding
All the hurt I've known
From my unchanging life
From hearing the word no
The world still turns
The fires still burn
But inside my heart is still

All that I want
Is one more chance
To find my way
Home from this dance
Home from the tears
Home from the fears
Home to my hearts last song

This is sung to the music for the song "Baby Mine" from the Disney movie "Dumbo". I wrote this as a way of preparing for my breakup with my ex-fiance. I hope you enjoy it.

Alone With My Heart

Never thought
I could go on
Betrayed by love
When I did no wrong
Fell in love
Right from the start
Never to part
Trusted my heart

Loved you more
Than I could say
A love that grew
Stronger each day
Thought at last
Maybe this time
Love would be mine
Now I just cry

I love someone that will never be mine
But still I'll love her for all time
I don't care that we'll always be apart
I'll still love you with every beat of my heart

Should have known
Right from the start
Trust my head
Never my heart
Head said no
My heart said yes
Thought it the best
Wrong like the rest

I don't care that we'll always be apart
I'll still love you with every beat of my heart

You mean much more
Than you'll ever know
And I'll be loving you
Wherever you go
No matter
That we'll be apart
Never to start
Here alone with my heart

Alone with my heart


Needing you close
But staying away
Scared you will leave
Yet fearing you'll stay

Wanting so bad
Yet fearing so much
The smell of your skin
The warmth of your touch

Knowing I'm loved
Yet fearing the same
Wanting to love
Yet scared of the pain

Condemned to live
But wanting to die
Can't live a life
That makes me cry

May I

May I hold your hand
May I brush your hair
May I say I miss you
Whenever you're not here

May I dream of you tonight
May I take you out sometime
May I give you the moon and stars
May I think of you all the time

May I act like I care
With all I say and do
May I say I'm happy
May I fall in love with you


Maybe if
I build up the
Courage to say more than
Hello to you,
Enough time might pass that I can
Learn to love myself, then I could learn to
Love you with all my heart and my
Entire soul

I Think

I think my world is crumbling
I think my mind has cracked
I think that I am foolish
But I don't want to go back

 I think that love is useless
I think that death is divine
I think about my past
And the hate that it inspired

 I think I'll disappear now
I think I'll go away
I think that I will kill myself
At the end of this wretched day

I think I want to die now
 End my life and be done
 Destroy my life of madness
Because I think I'm falling in love

 I think that you are beautiful
 I think your eyes divine
 I think your voice is soothing
 But I think I'm losing my mind

 To think that you might like me
 To think that you might care
 Makes me do things that
I Otherwise wouldn't dare

I long to hold your hand
 I long to kiss your cheek
 I long to say "I Love You"
 And other words I dare not speak

 I think my heart is healing
 But not because of what I do
 I think my heart is opening
Because I think I'm falling for you