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Poetry 101
These are some of my early poems, so they tend to be somewhat juvenile.


Teardrops fall
As I cry
Thinking of you
While waiting to die

Tears of sorrow
Tears of pain
I always lose
I never gain

Teardrops falling
So I must be crying
Crying about you
While my heart is dying

If Only You'd Say Yes

If only you'd say yes
I would be so happy
Because it would show
That someone actually loved me

If only you'd say yes
The world would be a better place
Because then it would mean
I could look upon your face

For your face is a thing of beauty
Which easily surpasses a rose
Along with your laughing hair
And your little pug nose

Your eyes hold a great mystery
Which none shall ever know
But it is the colors of your eyes
Which hinders me so

You are as cunning as Mephistopheles
As funny as the Peanuts Gang
And your voice is beautiful and reminds me of
The beautiful song the lark sang

If only you'd say yes
And agree to go with me
I'd give you the earth, moon, and stars
And if you wanted it, the sea

But yet you won't say yes
So I guess I must face the facts
You're in love with someone else
So I will just step back

Never more will I write you
And I will follow you no more
I will sadly slip into the shadows
And softly close the door

So goodbye my fair maiden
So long my bonnie lass
Adios my one and only
I will leave you now at last