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Poetry: Sadness
Thanks For The Memories

Thanks for the memories
That's all I have to say
I have enough now
To last forever and a day

When you said good bye
I thought my life would end
But at least I had the memories
Of when we were better friends

Memories of the laughter
Memories of the tears
That's all I have now
To last throughout the years

But now that you are gone
I must stand on my two feet
Don't worry, I don't hate you
Because you are too sweet

So now I ask that you leave me
Never again to enter my life
For when you do, it hurts me
As if I was cut by a knife

But thanks for the memories
Even if they're brief
The good ones, the bad ones
The ones that caused the most grief

The End

I waited just as long as I could
For love to come to me
Hoping against impossible odds
For a chance to be happy

Gave up on love once or twice
Because rejection was all I received
Gave up on life almost everyday
Thought death the future for me

Couldn't accomplish that simple feat
Tried thirteen times but I failed
Was told if I did I would not go to heaven
But compared to life, it's better in hell

Gave up on death because it wouldn't come
Instead thought a new life would begin
But I was wrong, now I'll end it all
There is darkness, yet relief in the end

I Miss You

Forgive me if I miss you way to much
I can't get you off my mind
I think about you all the time

Dreamt I held you as you slept one night
Kept away things that cause pain
That trickle down just like the rain

I know I'll love you till the end of time
Even if I don't say or show
I love you more than you will know

Everywhere you go you take my heart
You carry it in you hand
And finally I understand

What it means to really be in love
Lifting me up from the pain
Giving me reasons to live again

I don't care what the world may think
All I know is I love you
And I Hope you still love me too

All my life I've thought of suicide
Didn't care if I lived of died
Didn't care who I made cry

Never thought I'd meet someone like you
Glad I did but I can't lie
Sometimes you still make me cry

I'm crying tears of joy and happiness
Even though we can't be near
I still love you when you're not here


Standing on the edge of a lifetime of hate
Hate that I did not choose or create
Believed in love was my only crime
Sentenced to life, cannot do the time
Longing for a release from this madness
Wronged no one, yet I suffer this damnedness
Looking for the end, praying for peace
Hoping one day, life this body shall release
Ending what I once thought was endless
There is relief up ahead inside the darkness

My Nights

Spend my nights
Searching for peace
Crying about
Things not in reach
Wondering what the hell I did wrong

Virgin child
In a strange land
Trying to cope
As best I can
But sometimes my best only brings out the worst

Lost in love
Trying to find
A state of grace
My peace of mind
Longing for things I know I'll never have

Loved someone
It fell apart
In my dreams
Looking to start
A new life that I know is around the bend

Spend my nights
Alone again
Lost my love
Losing my friends
Losing the best thing I never thought I'd find

In This Life

I should have known
From the start
It would never work
In my heart
I knew the truth
We'd slip apart

Left alone again
With my pain
This hurt inside
Not the same
I cry again
I feel my shame

Put too much love
Into my soul
Thought maybe once
I'd be whole
I thought wrong
It burned my soul

Never wanted much
Just a chance
To hold her in my arms
Just a chance
To fill my life with peace
At last

Never knew love
In this life
All these long years
Only known strife
Alone I cry
In this life

You touched my soul
With your kiss
I felt the things
I've always missed
Found the happiness
That I now miss

Life goes on even while
My heart breaks
I can't live on
Don't have what it takes
To heal a heart
That always breaks

I Live

Don't know how to live
Don't know how to die
Don't know how to love
Only know how to cry
Don't know how to act
With the one I love most
Left with only her memories
That surround me like ghosts
I've seen friends that I once knew
Find the happiness that they seek
Yet I stay alone
Week after endless week
Write poems from the heart
That say more than I do
They tell the truth in my soul
That I never knew
Seeking relief in my poems
From the like I must live
Alone and confused
With nothing to give
Alone I sit and stare
I cry
Alone I sit and wonder
Why.... I live


Today, I made a pledge
Never to love again
Today my world crumbled
So I know my life will end

Today, I made a vow
Not to think of yesterday
Some will say it's foolish not to
But that's all that they will say

Today, I made a promise
That I know I will regret
For today I promised myself
To forget the day we met

The Truth

If I think about
The happier times
Of you and me
And things so fine
The times together
The things we shared
The fun we had
When we didn't care
About the world around us
The bitterness of man
Only you and me
Maybe then I can
Be happy and free
Of the things I know
The things that still haunt me
Of the truth I hide
Inside my soul
Of the life I live
That disturbs me so
But I think of happiness
And the things we do
And our times together
In the life I never knew